Dr. D.M. (David) Baneke

Buys Ballotgebouw
Princetonplein 5
Kamer 3.02
3584 CC Utrecht

Dr. D.M. (David) Baneke

Universitair hoofddocent
History and Philosophy of Science
030 253 8188

My teaching focuses on the cultural and political contexts of modern science. I teach several courses in the research master History and Philosophy of Science (HPS), and each year I supervise multiple master’s theses. 

In all my teaching, I aim to:

  • Challenge students to think critically, apply their knowledge to new problems (even outside their own field of study), and to never use sophisticated theory without common sense;
  • Make students aware of the social, political, cultural and intellectual context in which they live and work, and of their own prejudices and assumptions;
  • offer my knowledge, because students come to university to learn from experts;
  • provide a stimulating environment in which students can grow, both personally and intellectually;
  • approach students as the grown-up persons they are.

As programme coordinator of the HPS master, I am also responsible for the daily management of the programme. 

I have an SKO qualification.

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