Prof. dr. Daniel Oberski

Sjoerd Groenmangebouw
Padualaan 14
Kamer C1.109
3584 CH Utrecht

Prof. dr. Daniel Oberski

Methoden en Statistiek
030 253 9039

The human data science group at Utrecht University and Utrecht University Medicial Center (UMCU) applies data science and machine learning to scientific problems, especially in the social and health sciences. We also develop new methods that solve specific problems we encounter, often involving latent variable models. 

Some example projects are: 

  • The Social Data Science (SoDa) team, providing data science support for ODISSEI, the Dutch national infrastructure for the social sciences;
  • Privacy-preserving systems for citizen data donation from data download packages (thanks GDPR!), funded by NWO VIDI;
  • Automated systematic reviewing (ASreview) using machine learning and active learning
  • Can computers do surveys? Applying natural language processing to surveys;
  • Process control and early warning for left-ventricular assist device pump data, funded by Health Holland;
  • Applied data science and machine learning projects, including: Large-scale network analysis, Bayesian Optimization for material design, High-dimensional mediation for exposome data, and more.

We develop open source software according to FAIR software principles, and strongly support open science. See below for more info and publications.

Social Data Science