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Dascha Düring (1987) took her bachelor's and research master in philosophy at Utrecht University. She graduated cum laude on a thesis on the concept of duty in Confucianism and Kantianism. Since 2013 she is working on a PhD thesis on concepts of man and human dignity in Chinese and Western ethical traditions, which is part of Marcus Düwell's NWO-VICI project Human Dignity as the Foundation of Human Rights?

Research interests: 

ethics, aesthetics, comparative philosophy




Strategische thema's / focusgebieden
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Alle publicaties
  2017 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
During, D.K. & Duwell, M. (26-01-2017). Hope, Agency, and Aesthetic sensibility - a response to Beyleveld's account of Kantian Hope. In Patrick Capps & Shaun Pattinson (Eds.), Ethical Rationalism and the Law (pp. 55-72) (18 p.). London: Hart Publishing.
  2017 - Overige resultaten
D.K. During (09-01-2017). Conference Paper: Between Parts and Wholes - a note on the intercultural discussion on individuality. Liberalism and China.
  2016 - Overige resultaten
D.K. During (13-06-2016). Conference Paper: Human Rights and the case of China. Human Rights in an age of ambiguity.
D.K. During (19-04-2016). Conference paper: Legitimation Crisis? The humanities as useless disciplines . What is it to be human? On the humanities and practical self-understanding.
D.K. During (07-06-2016). Conference paper: The epistemic status of hope as 'sensus communis'. Hope.
D.K. During (05-07-2016). Workshop Paper: Politics and the Challenge of Lu Xun. Liberalism in China .
  2015 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
During, D.K. & Duwell, M. (28-10-2015). Towards a Kantian Theory of Judgment - the power of judgment in its practical and aesthetic employment. Ethical Theory and Moral Practice, 18 (5), (pp. 943-956) (13 p.).
  2015 - Overige resultaten
D.K. During (05-10-2015). Avond van de Wetenschap en Maatschappij - bijdrage ethiek. Den Haag, Avond van Wetenschap en maatschappij.
D.K. During (27-05-2015). Conference Paper: Convincing the skeptic? The role of hope in transcendental arguments. The future of Human Rights.
D.K. During (15-10-2015). Conference paper: Hope, agency, and aesthetic sensibility (with Marcus Duwell). Ethical Ethical Rationalism and the Law.
D.K. During (03-06-2015). Conference Paper: Human dignity as aesthetic sensibility. Zwischen Konfuzius und Kant: Menschenwürde in interkultureller Perspektive.
D.K. During (30-09-2015). Conference paper: The concept of duty in an ethics of longtermism. Sustainability and Ecological Civilization conference.
  2014 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Düwell, Marcus, Braarvig, Jens, Brownsword, Roger, Mieth, Dietmar, van Steenbergen, Naomi & Düring, Dascha (01-04-2014). The Cambridge handbook of human dignity - Interdisciplinary perspectives. (608 p.). Cambridge University Press [etc.].
  2014 - Overige resultaten
D.K. During (31-07-2014). Conference Paper: 20th century Western philosophy and Daoism (with Henk van Gils). Human Dignity and [the] Rationality of Technology.
D.K. During (08-12-2014). Conference Paper: Evangelizing China: the contemporary comparative debate at its worst. Methodology in comparative philosophy.
D.K. During (08-07-2014). Conference Paper: Modernity and responsibility: the concept of judgement in Xunzi and Kant. . Beijing, Department of Philosophy, Tsinghua University (Beijing).
  2013 - Overige resultaten
D.K. During (05-12-2013). Human dignity and human rights from a comparative perspective: Kantianism and Confucianism. Confucius Conference.
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