Mr. Daphina Misiedjan
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Daphina Misiedjan is a PhD candidate at Utrecht University and is associated with SIM. She specialises in issues concerning human rights, water and sustainability. In 2012, she interned at UNESCO-IHE, where she conducted research concerning the human right to water for indigenous communities. She also provided guest lectures on the subject. Daphina obtained her LL.M. in legal research from Utrecht University in 2013 where she also obtained her Bachelor. During her studies she was able to conduct research in New-Zealand, Curacao, Suriname and the Netherlands. In addition to legal research she is also interested in youth leadership and diversity.




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Misiedjan, D., van Rijswick, M., & Tjen A Kwoei, A. (2015). A human right to water while the well runs dry: analysing the legal and regulatory framework of Yemen water law. The Journal of Water Law, 24(5/6), 199 – 206.

Misiedjan, D., & Gupta, J. (2014). Indigenous Communities: Analyzing their Right to Water under Different International Legal Regimes. Utrecht Law Review10(2), 77–90.

Daphina Misiedjan, Hanneke Palm, Papaja’s met peren vergelijken: Hoe de Nederlandse wetgever onderscheid maakt tussen Caribisch en Europees Nederland aan de hand van artikel 1 lid 2 Statuut, Caribisch Juristenblad,2012, nr. 1 p. 19 - 29  (Comparing Papaya’s with Pears: How the Dutch legislator differentiates between Caribbean and European Netherlands)

Prof. C.Flinterman, D.misiedjan. 30 jaar VN-Vrouwenverdrag en Nederland, Nederlands Juristen Blad, 2010 nr.2  p. 74-75 (30 years UN Women’s Convention and the Netherlands)

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With the present growing water stress, conflicts can rise between sustainability efforts and meeting the water needs of populations. Both developing and developed countries are struggling with finding sustainable solutions to provide access to water for everyone, especially vulnerable groups. The further development of the human right to water may provide for a legal solution when subjecting this right to sustainability requirements. The focus of this study is to further develop the human right to water in such a manner that it will encompass the sustainable enjoyment of the right by vulnerable groups. To explore the topic, classic legal methods are adopted through desk research. Also an assessment framework will be developed and used in case studies. Meaning that with the use of qualitative research methods such as interviews, the interaction between the concepts (vulnerability, sustainability and the human right to water) will be examined. This will shine light on the requirements needed for the sustainable enjoyment of the human right to water by vulnerable groups.

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