I am Assistant Professor of Computational Media and Arts in the Media and Culture Studies department. I studied Mathematics at the Université du Québec à Montréal, Media Arts and Sciences at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and hold a PhD in Cultural Analysis from the University of Amsterdam. My work fosters original means of studying objects and phenomena by making transdisciplinary connections between different modes of inquiry stemming from these distinct cultural and scientific traditions.

My current research addresses computation by questioning what it is, and how, when, and where it operates. While some current research initiatives in the Humanities focus on developing tools and methods that instrumentalise software, these endeavours tend to overlook software’s intrinsic aspect: computation. In contrast, my work frames software not merely as a means to an end but as a locus where computation happens. Some of the empirical studies I devised intervene in computational processes while and where they are unfolding, staging direct encounters with software’s innate computational operations and their genealogies. I am particularly interested in computational acts, the way computing machines and software are made to perform and execute, which call for a different conceptual understanding of “act” than our customary human-bounded understanding of action (such as speech acts, for instance).

Alongside (and influential) to my scholarly work, I am a practicing media artist (link portfolio). Criss-crossing between academic scholarship and experimental artistic practice is central to how I approach conducting creative and original research. Through the production of artworks which have been commissioned and support by art institutions across Europe and North America, my engagement with computation spans cultural production and active participation in various cultural networks. 

Some topics I am currently interested in include:

If some of the above topics resonate with your (RMA, PhD) research, interests, or curiosity, please feel free to contact me.
Prior to joining Utrecht University I was a Senior Lecturer in New Media and Digital Cultures at the University of Amsterdam. During my doctoral studies I was a PhD fellow of the Netherlands Institute for Cultural Analysis funded by the NWO Graduate Programme. I held various research positions in the past, including researcher for the ERC-funded MeLa* project, research assistant at the MIT Media Laboratory, research associate at Hexagram Institute for Research-Creation, and researcher at the Banff New Media Institute/The Banff Centre.