Dr. Duygu Erbil

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The Broadcast Logic of Remembering Deniz Gezmiş in the 1990sDuygu Erbil (Speaker)
22 Sept 2023
, The Forth European Convention on Turkic, Ottoman and Turkish Studies
Appealing to the ‘Court of History’: the Work of Articulation in the Afterlife of Deniz GezmişDuygu Erbil (Speaker)
7 Jul 2023
, Memory Studies Association: Seventh Annual Conference
Culture Industry vs. Cultural Circuit: Two Frameworks for Cultural MemoryDuygu Erbil (Speaker)
28 Jun 2023
, Mnemonics 2023: The Industry of Memory
A “Commodified” Revolutionary in the Circuit of Cultural MemoryDuygu Erbil (Invited speaker)
31 Mar 2023
, Conference Remembering Activism


Memory and Justice: (Re)articulations of Deniz GezmisDuygu Erbil (Invited speaker)
3 Nov 2022
, Memory Studies: European and Latin American Perspectives in Dialogue
[The Contentious Subject] Speaks: The Speaker as a Model of Radical SubjectivityDuygu Erbil (Invited speaker)
14 Sept 2022
, Remembering Contentious Lives
Remembering Contentious LivesDuygu Erbil (Organiser)
12 Sept 202214 Sept 2022
MSA Online Panels on Memory and ActivismDuygu Erbil (Organiser)
11 Jul 2022
Articulation of Justice and Memory in the Afterlife of Deniz GezmisDuygu Erbil (Speaker)
11 Jul 2022
, MSA Online Panels on Memory and Activism
Not Forgetting Deniz Gezmiş: Storied Life of a ‘Martyr’ and the Construction of the ’68 Generation in TurkeyDuygu Erbil (Invited speaker)
14 Jun 2022
, International Auto/biography Association: Life-Writing: Imagining the Past, Present and Future
Academic Work vs. Academic Labour: A Semantic DifferentiationDuygu Erbil (Invited speaker)
19 May 2022
, OSL PhD Day
Remembering Deniz GezmisDuygu Erbil (Speaker)
14 Feb 2022
, Modern and Contemporary Literature Research Group Seminar