D.C. (David) van Oeveren


The limes, the boundary of the Roman Empire, played a crucial role in the bordering, ordering, and othering of various European imagined communities in the nineteenth century. In my research I will investigate the evolving imagination of the Roman borderlands in this long 1815-1945 period and chart the impact of political developments (e.g. secession of Belgium), cultural ideals, religious politics, and the colonial experience. My PhD is part of a broader project on the history of the limes. Please take a look at our website for further information: https://limes.sites.uu.nl/

After obtaining my 'propedeuse' in History at the University of Applied Sciences in Utrecht I stacked a BA and RMA in History at Utrecht University. I taught at the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences (FASOS) at Maastricht University before starting my PhD at Utrecht in 2021).