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  2018 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Alinejad, D. (2018). Book Review: Digital Ethnography: Principles and Practice. New Media and Society, 20 (1), (pp. 428-431).
Alinejad, D., Candidatu, L.I., Mevsimler, M., Minchilli, C., Ponzanesi, S. & van der Vlist, F.N. (23-05-2018). Diaspora and mapping methodologies: - tracing transnational digital connections with ‘mattering maps’. Global Networks
Alinejad, D. (23-05-2018) Editorial board member Global Networks (Journal) Diaspora and mapping methodologies: tracing transnational digital connections<br/>with ‘mattering maps’
  2017 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Alinejad, D. (25-10-2017) Invited speaker Postcolonial Europe (08-09-2016) Guest Lecture: Digital Connections and Mobile Emotional Mediation
Alinejad, D. (2017). The Quest for Representation. Spheres: Journal for Digital Cultures, 4 (6 p.).
Alinejad, D. (27-01-2017) Invited speaker Academic Medical Center Visualizing Data: an anthropologist's perspective
Alinejad, D. (2017). Wat is digitale etnografie?. KWALON, Kwalitatief Onderzoek in Nederland, 22 (3), (pp. 37-39).
  2017 - Populariserende publicaties
Alinejad, D. (09-01-2017) Invited speaker Somatechnics (09-01-2017) Digital Memory
  2016 - Wetenschappelijke publicaties
Alinejad, D. (08-09-2016) Invited speaker Postcolonial Europe (08-09-2016) "The Muslim Rape of Europe"
Alinejad, D. (30-05-2016) Participant Dag van de Antropologie (30-05-2016)
Alinejad, D. (09-11-2016) Participant ECREA, 6th European Communication Conference, Prague 2016 Prague (09-11-2016 - 12-11-2016)
Alinejad, D. (2016). Europe Says OXI - "Online Camaraderie" and the European Crisis. Networking Knowledge: Journal of the MeCCSA Postgraduate Network , 9 (4) (13 p.).
Alinejad, D. (24-09-2016) Peer reviewer Feminist Media Studies (Journal)
Alinejad, D. (29-08-2016) Invited speaker Noise Summer School 2016 Utrecht (29-08-2016 - 02-09-2016)
Alinejad, D. (11-05-2016) Invited speaker Panel on Gaming, Identity, and Law (11-05-2016)
Alinejad, D. (17-11-2016) Participant Research seminar for PhDs, Postdocs, and guest fellows (17-01-2017)
Alinejad, D. (20-12-2016) Peer reviewer Social Media + Society (Journal)
  2016 - Vakpublicaties
Alinejad, D. & Ghorashi, Halleh (2016). From Bridging to Building - Discourses of Organizing Iranian Americans across Generations. Identity and Exile - The Iranian Diaspora Between Solidarity and Difference (pp. 62-75). Berlin: Heinrich Böll Stiftung .
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Digital Crossings in Europe. Gender, Diaspora and Belonging (CONNECTINGEUROPE)
01-01-2016 tot 01-01-2021
Algemene projectbeschrijving 

The project aims to investigate the relation between migration and digital technologies, in particular the way in which the ‘connected migrant’ contributes to new forms of European integration and cosmopolitan citizenship. The project explores digital diasporas in relation to issues of gender, ethnicity and affective belonging, focusing on how new technologies enhance new forms of connectivity between the homeland and destination countries, bus also across diasporas. The project pioneers a new interdisciplinary method that combines media studies, postcolonial theories, digital humanities and gender studies, drawing from the humanities and social science.

It proposes a comparative approach, based on qualitative digital methods, that focuses on Somali, Romanian and Turkish women migrants who have settled in some of Europe’s main cities (London – PhD1, Amsterdam – PhD2 and Rome – PhD3) and the way in which they keep digitally and emotionally connected to their homeland cities (Mogadishu, Bucharest, Istanbul – Postdoc). The project will chart how different forms of migration (labour, postcolonial and postsocialist) impact on the new European order at the local and transnational levels. more info:

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3e geldstroom - EU: ERC (European Research Council) consolidator grant

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