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Dr. Chiara Robbiano

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Curriculum Vitae, Chiara Robbiano

Chiara Robbiano

 Address: University College Utrecht, Voltaire Building, Room Jj,  Campusplein 1  3584 ED Utrecht

 Phone:   +31 6 48153397

 E-mail:  c.robbiano@uu.nl

 Webpage:  http://www.uu.nl/staff/CRobbiano 

 linkedin:  http://nl.linkedin.com/in/chiararobbiano 

Born: Genoa (Italy), September 27, 1972 

Married to: Jeroen Leijen. Child: Isabella Leijen

High school: Liceo Linguistico Grazia Deledda (Genoa, Italy), 1986-1991; KCVI (Kingston, Canada), 1989-1990 


University Education

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Current and past Positions

  • 2010-2021: ASSISTANT PROFESSOR of PHILOSOPHY, TUTOR, HONOURS DIRECTOR (since 2016), RESEARCHER, University College Utrecht
  • Spring 2019: Visiting Professor of Philosophy, Graduate School of Arts and Letters, Tohoku University, Sendai (Japan)
  • 2007-2010: Lecturer and Teacher with tutorial tasks, Utrecht University, University College
  • 2005-2008: Lecturer, Utrecht University, Ancient Philosophy, Philosophy 
  • 2005-2007: Coordinator Web-based learning, Leiden University, Faculty of Law
  • 1999-2005: PhD student, lecturer and coordinator Minor "Ancient Myths", Leiden University, Classics
  • 2004- 2005 Freelance translator Dutch Italian, English Italian 
  • 1997- 1998 researcher Leiden University, scholarship Genoa University, Italy 
  • 1997 translator Russian Italian, German Italian



See: https://www.uu.nl/staff/CRobbiano/Research%20output

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Reviews of my book: Becoming Being

Lectures and other achievements




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·  Graduate School of Arts and Letters, Tohoku University, Sendai (Japan) (2019)

Co-teaching "Philosophy. Advanced Lecture III: Comparative Philosophy" with proff. Kiyotaka Naoe, Ogihara Satoshi and Atsushi Kido. My part was called:““Who am I?” Momentous personal identity. Self-cultivation, dialogue and world-transformation. A few suggestions from Chinese, Greek, Indian, Japanese, and Western philosophy”  

·     University College Utrecht (2007-now)

- Encountering China: Towards an intercultural dialogue UCINTCHI23, interdisciplinary level 2 China Studies track, with Rolando Vazquez

- Senior Philosophy Seminar (2021) "Dogen in dialogue with contemporary theorists, against arrogance of common sense" BA3

-"Identity Construction in East Asian philosophy, literature and films" -interdisciplinary track finisher of the China Studies track, completely developed by me

- "Who are we? Philosophical Views on Humans and Gods" — developed by J.M. van Ophuijsen and me in 2016, completely re-designed by me in 2018: Bachelor 2. Click here for the enthusiastic article of a journalist who visited a class.

- World Philosophies completely redesigned by me and provided with reader of primary texts (2010-2018)

Introduction to Philosophy Bachelor 1.

Senior Philosophy Seminar III (2016) "Philosophy East and West: distinctions and non-duality" (developed by me) Bachelor 3

Senior Seminar in Philosophy III (2014) “Footnotes to Plato: through 2400 years of philosophy" (with Jan van Ophuijsen) Bachelor 3

- Senior Seminar in Philosophy III (2013)"Philosophy East and West: the arbitrariness of divisions" (developed by me) Bachelor 3

- Senior Seminar in Philosophy III (2011): "Philosophy East and West: What is real? In what sense are we —or can we become— real?" (developed by me) Bachelor 3

"Metaphysics & Epistemology: Plato to Peirce" Bachelor 2

- World Ethics, Bachelor 2

- Introduction to Academia, Bachelor 1

·     Utrecht University, Philosophy (2005-2008)

- Plato’s Republic, Master

- Inleiding in de FilosofieHistorisch, Deel I (in Dutch), Bachelor 1

Het Goede Leven: Antieke, Middeleeuwse en moderne deugdethiek (in Dutch), Bachelor 2, 3

Geschiedenis van de Kentheorie 1 (in Dutch), Bachelor 2, 3

- Natuurfilosofie/ Philosophy of Nature (2005-2006), Master

Geschiedenis van de Metafysica 1 (in Dutch), Bachelor 2, 3

·     Leiden University, Classics (2000-2005)

Overzicht Antieke Filosofie: van Thales tot Plato (in Dutch)

- Klassieke Mythen en Thema's, responsiecollege (in Dutch)

- Klassieke Mythen en Thema's, werkcollege (in Dutch)

- Theorie en methode van wetenschappelijke interpretatie, met andere docenten (in Dutch)

- Grieks III (Plato, Laches) (in Dutch)


Bachelor Thesis Supervision (UCU)

  • 2022 Giulia Martinez Brenner, On ambiguity and knowing the other: an epistemic attitude between Buddhist enlightenment and feminist empowerment
  • 2022 Marah Rose Seremak, Encountering the other / encountering the self: Zen identity in dialogue with diversity, playfulness and pedagogies of discomfort 
  • 2021 Or Shahaf, Ecoalienation. Practicing Ecology in Zen, the Andes, and your House
  • 2021 Vincent Pommier, Overcoming the Citadel of the Self (Nishitani Keiji; From Alienation to Realisation, on Liberation through Nihility). 
  • 2021 Jonathan Sendker, Becoming Who You Are. How can analytical psychology contribute to the Zen Buddhist project of self-realization?
  • 2020 Jana Dimitrova, Showing The Way Home: Self, Environment and Transformative Attention through the lenses of Shinto and Japanese Buddhism
  • 2020 Gideon Frey, Zen in the Climate Crisis. Towards a Zen ontology and non-anthropocentric ethic in the Anthropocene
  • 2020 Maria Higelin, Determinism and Ends in the Philosophy of Sciences and in Kant’s First Critique
  • 2018 Jinrui Zhang, Rethinking Individualism. Western political individualism: genesis, problematic implications and alternative framework (second reader)
  • 2017 Sanne Gommers, Contextualizing Traditional Chinese Medicine Theory in Daoist Philosophy
  • 2017 Nanne Langhout, The Bodhisattva Path
  • 2016 Yara Vrolijks, From Metaphysics to Ethics: A study on extending self-interest in Mahayana Buddhism and Stoicism
  • 2016 Dominic Stephen, Zen Buddhism and Environmental Ethics: Finding Value in Dogen’s Emptiness.
  • 2015 Daan Visser, On William James. The Formation of Beliefs.
  • 2014 Jori Jansen, On Nishida Kitaro. The Logic of Place, A Non-dual paradigm.
  • 2014 Marcell Várkonyi, The Two Erotes of Plato’s Symposium.
  • 2014 Ilona de Jong, Shankara's Sage In Action: What drives the Actions of Advaita's Liberated Sage?
  • 2014 Ben Kiderman, On Self-reference. Nietzsche attends a feminist rally.
  • 2012 Willem Pino, On Buddhist no-self and compassion

Master Thesis (UU)

2017 Anna Kotzeva, The Mystical Philosophies of Plotinus and Sankara from a Practical Perspective (Third reader)


Grants, Awards, etc.


Spring 2019 Visiting Professorship - the Graduate School of Arts and Letters Tohoku University, Sendai, Japan.

SENECA Grant to organize the event 'If I change, the whole world changes' at UCU

Candidacy for the Utrecht University Outstanding Teacher Award ( put forward by the University College Utrecht Academic Student Council)



April 2017. Chiara Robbiano has received a grant from the International Toshiba Foundation to fund the International philosophy meeting, Fall 2017 (Grant: TOSHIBA International Foundation) "Japanese and Cross-cultural philosophy Meeting: a dialogue about assumptions” (UCU, Utrecht, September 28-29, 2017). Click here for report and testimonials.


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CONNECT grant. "Philosophy connections" Goal: to help us strengthen the network of the participants in the Philosophy Get-Togethers, both among ourselves and with the external world where philosophy plays a role.



PUUR grant. Goal: to set up two thesis groups: "Self, Freedom and Relations / Reality, Explanations and Interpretations" (with Jan van Ophuijsen)

CONNECT grant“Taking the Philosophy Get-Togethers to the next level of connection.” Goal: invite renowned scholars who have focused their research on the topics we discuss in the meetings of the Philosophy Discussion Group (attended by UCU and UU students and alumni), in order to show new ways in which the dialogue with philosophical world-views can be practiced professionally. (with Jan van Ophuijsen)