Boaz Chemtob MSc

Boaz Chemtob MSc

Arbo- en milieucoördinator
GeoLab Algemeen

As the Sustainability Coordinator for the Faculty of Geosciences, I embrace our Faculty's leading role in sustainability research, innovation, and education. As our mission extends globally, this also inspires us to promote sustainability practices “in-house” within our own Operations - this is where lies my responsibility.

Collaboration is at the core of my day-to-day work, fostering a holistic approach to sustainability by engaging perspectives from all corners of our operations staff and academic community, and in full synchronisation with our University-wide sustainability ambitions. 

As a bridge between initiatives, I advise and connect on a wide array of sustainability fields, from circularity and waste reduction to energy efficiency and greenhouse gas reduction throughout the Faculty. Additionally, I actively promote and support various initiatives that enhance awareness and address indirect social and environmental impacts resulting from our own operations, ensuring that our commitment to sustainability extends throughout every level of our organization. 

As part of the different responsibilities, the main ones involve working towards implementing the LEAF Standard (Laboratory Efficiency Assessment Framework) throughout our laboratory facilities, and coordinating the Faculty’s Green Team. Our Green Team is a dynamic force of students, academics, and staff united in our goal to devise innovative solutions that drive sustainability within our faculty, leveraging our collective strengths to create a lasting, positive impact. Together, we are carving a path towards a more sustainable future.