I hold a doctoral degree in Psychology, with my research focus centered on the examination of telomeres as an underlying biological mechanism elucidating health disparities associated with psychosocial stressors. In my capacity as a psychologist, I undertook the role of research manager within the Program of Research and Care on Violence and Posttraumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) at the Federal University of São Paulo. Within this role, our team conducted investigations into the ramifications of trauma and PTSD on neuroprogression and the adaptation of psychotherapeutic techniques to treat PTSD in survivors of sexual assault.

Moreover, my professional trajectory has encompassed several years of dedicated service to marginalized and underserved communities in disadvantaged regions of São Paulo.

Currently, I am engaged in collaborative research under the supervision of Professor Rens van de Schoot, contributing to the project titled "Fully Open-source and Real-time AI-aided Systematic Literature Screening in Inclusive Databases (FORAS)." This multifaceted endeavor encompasses various objectives, including the enhancement and revision of literature reviews concerning PTSD trajectories.