Bart van de Laar MSc


Bart van de Laar MSc - Programme Leader International Affairs

Bart van de Laar (1966) oversees the university's international strategy, including strategic partnerships and mobility and warm welcome of students and staff  (gain, train and retain talent). He was appointed in 2020 to lead the present four-year programme and reports to the president of the university. Van de Laar is the university representative for the Coimbra Group.

He’s an inclusive innovator at the interface of science and society with a keen eye for international collaboration and brings more than twenty years of experience in national and international projects. Impact-driven and skilled in strategy development, programme management, science engagement and education. Background in Biology and Environmental Sciences. Has a strong belief in individual choice, learning and growing.


Management assistant: Isabelle de Gooijer (, available on Monday / Wednesday / Friday.