Dr. Bregje Holleman

Universitair hoofddocent
Taal en communicatie
030 253 6029

Bregje Holleman is associate professor. Her research takes place within the Utrecht Institute of Linguistics (UiL OTS). In the research group Language & Communication she is interested in the ways communication can support complex decision making, e.g. concerning what to vote, what to eat, how to save for a suitable retirement plan, whether or not to vaccinate. Also she is interested in the cognitive processes of text interpretation. Her main interest goes to the relation between opinions and attitudes and language. In attitude surveys: how do people answer attitudinal questions? Why are people's answers affected by very subtle language variation in these questions? In Voting Advice Applications: how does the use of VAAs (kieshulpen) help users to understand politics and understand their own position in the political landscape? And how is this affected by subtle language use variation? And in persuasive texts: why do people develop different attitudes or intentions dependent of the framing of messages? She is PI in an interdisciplinary project on allergy information sponsored by Future Food, she led an interdisciplinary research group on the use and effects of VAAs, subsidized in the Begrijpelijke Taal-program by NWO (2012-2016) and was a co-promotor for two succesful PhD projects (Kamoen in 2012, and Van de Pol in 2016).

Besides teaching and doing research she is one of the editors of Tijdschrift voor Taalbeheersing (AUP).

Bregje Holleman geeft regelmatig toelichting in de pers op het gebruik en de invloed van stemhulpen, over vragenlijsten, en over sturende taal.

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