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“ANTARC-SHIP: Fostering environmental stewardship among Antarctic tourism governance actors and institutions”

ANTARC-SHIP: ‘Fostering environmental stewardship among Antarctic tourism governance actors and institutions’ 01-01-2023 tot 01-01-2027
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The key concerns underpinning the ANTARC-SHIP project are the growth and diversification of Antarctic tourism and the rather minimal extent of intergovernmental regulation of Antarctic tourism by the Antarctic Treaty System. The aim of the ANTARC-SHIP project is to examine to what extent, and how, environmental stewardship can be assessed, enhanced, and facilitated among the different actors and institutions involved in the operation and governance of Antarctic tourism.

The ANTARC-SHIP project consists of the following four work packages:

1. Antarctic tourism and science as interdependent operations: a comparative assessment of environmental impacts and stewardship practices;

2. The durability of self-regulated stewardship in the Antarctic tourism industry: dealing with internal and external challenges;

3. Custodians for the Antarctic: Assessing and managing Antarctic tourism impacts in the gateway cities; and

4. Stewardship through state and intergovernmental regulation of environmental impacts and risks of Antarctic shipborne tourism.

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  • Dr. Machiel Lamers (WUR)
  • Dr. Bas Amelung (WUR)
  • Dr. Daniela Liggett (University of Canterbury)
  • Dr. Emma Stewart (Lincoln University)