Dr. Annelies van Uden

Universitair docent
Sectie Entrepreneurship
Innovation Studies

Dr. Annelies van Uden is Assistant Professor at the Copernicus Institue of Sustainable Development. Key interests: Social Innovation, Socially Sustainable Organizations, Agape, Solidarity, Innovation in lower-income countries, Inequality, Ethics of Economics.

In the the interconnected world of today that is characterized by organizations that have to organize themselves for a socially just and sustainable future. It seems we are only at the beginning of a transition towards a new knowledge that reflects this changing global configuration. It is my research ambition to contribute to this pressing debate by analyzing the ongoing and new organizational responsible strategies. The overarching research question of my present research aspirations focuses precisely on how organizations organize themselves in a time in which societal meaningful contributions become more and more urgent. Next to my research, I teach various courses, ranging from economics, to organization theory, innovation, inequality and ethics within economics.