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My name is Angelos and I am currently a Post Doctoral Researcher at the Clinical Psychology Department of Utrecht University. I am working together with Iris Engelhard. My research interests include: Avoidance Learning, Fear, Anxiety Disorders, Computational modeling and Perceptual Decision-Making. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.

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Fear Conditioning
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Submitted articles

  • Maes, E., Krypotos, A.-M., Boddez, Y., D’Hooge, R., De Houwer, J., and Beckers, T.  (submitted). Failures to replicate blocking are surprising and informative - Reply to Soto (in press).

  • Ganho-Ávila, A., Gonçalves, O., F., Boggio, P. S., Asthana, M. K., Krypotos, A.-M., Almeida, J. (submitted). Wiping out fear-related implicit avoidance tendencies by inhibiting Dorsolateral Prefrontal Cortex.
  • Dutilh, G., Annis, J., Brown, S.D., Cassey, P., Evans, N.J., Grasman, R.P.P.P, Hawkins, G.E., Heathcote, A., Holmes, W. R., Krypotos, A.-M., Kupitz, C. N., Leite, F.P., Lerche, V., Lin, Y.-S., Logan, G.D., Palmeri, T.J., Starns, J.J., True- blood, J.S., van Maanen, L., van Ravenzwaaij, D., Vandekerckhove, J., Visser, J., Voss, A., White, C.N., Wiecki, T.V., Rieskamp, J., Donkin, C. (submitted). The Quality of Response Time Data Inference: A Blinded, Collaborative Assessment of the Validity of Cognitive Models.  

Peer-Reviewed Papers

  • Arnaudova, I., Krypotos, A.-M., Effting, M., Kindt, M., & Beckers, T. (in press). Manipulating affective state influences conditioned appetitive responses. Cognition & Emotion.

  • Krypotos, A.-M., Klugkist, I., & Engelhard I. M. (2017). Bayesian Hypothesis Testing for Human Threat Conditioning Research: An introduction and the condir R package. European Journal of Psychotraumatology. 8.

  • Krypotos, A.-M., Blanken, T. S., Arnaudova, I., Matzke, D., & Beckers, T. (2017). A primer on Bayesian analysis for experimental psychopathologists. Journal of Experimental Psychopathology. 8, 140-157.
  • Arnaudova, I., Krypotos, A.-M., Effting, M., Kindt, M., & Beckers, T. (2017). Moving threat: Attention and distance change interact in threat responding. Emotion. 17, 251-258.
  • Arnaudova, I., Krypotos, A.-M., Effting, M., Kindt, M., & Beckers, T. (2017). Fearing shades of grey: Individual differences in fear responding towards generalization stimuli. Cognition and Emotion. 17, 251-258.

  • Maes, E., Boddez, Y., Alfei, J. M., Krypotos, A.-M., D’Hooge, R., De Houwer, J., Beckers, T. (2016). The elusive nature of the blocking effect: 15 failures to replicate. Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 145, 49-71This article was also featured in Nature News: doi:10.1038/nature.2016.20659 
  • Krypotos, A.-M., Effting, M., Kindt, M., & Beckers, T. (2015). Avoidance learning: A review of theoretical models and recent developments.  Frontiers in Behavioural Neuroscience. 9:189.
  • Krypotos, A.-M., Arnaudova, I., Effting, M., Kindt, M., & Beckers, T. (2015). Effects of approach-avoidance training on the extinction and return of fear responses.  PloS One. 10: e0131581.
  • Krypotos, A.-M., Beckers, T., Kindt, M., & Wagenmakers, E.-J. (2015).  A Bayesian Hierarchical Diffusion Model Decomposition of Performance in Approach-Avoidance Tasks. Cognition & Emotion, 29, 1424-1444. 
  • Krypotos, A.-M. , Effting, M., Arnaudova, I., Kindt, M., & Beckers, T. (2014). Avoided by Association: Acquisition, Extinction, and Renewal of Avoidance Tendencies towards Conditioned Fear Stimuli. Clinical Psychological Science. 2, 336-343. This article won the `Best Article Award' from the PhD Research School, Experimental Psychopathology (EPP).
  • Arnaudova, I., Krypotos, A.-M., Effting, M., Kindt, M., & Beckers, T. (2013). Individual differences in discriminatory fear learning under conditions of ambiguity: A vulnerability factor for anxiety disorders? Frontiers in Psychology.  4:298.

  • Beckers, T., Krypotos, A.-M. , Boddez, Y., Effting, M. & Kindt, M. (2013). What's wrong with fear conditioning? Biological Psychology, 92, 90- 96.
  • Wagenmakers, E.-J., Krypotos, A.-M., Criss, A., & Iverson G. (2012). On the interpretation of removable interactions: A survey of the field 33 years after Loftus. Memory & Cognition20,  145-160.

  • Dutilh, G., Krypotos, A.-M., & Wagenmakers, E.-J. (2011). Task-related vs. stimulus-specific practice: A diffusion model account.  Experimental Psychology,  6,  434 - 442.

  • Krypotos, A.-M., Jahfari,S., van Ast, V.,Kindt, M. & Forstmann, B. U. (2011). Individual differences in heart rate variability predict the degree of slowing during response inhibition and initiation in the presence of emotional stimuli. Frontiers in Psychology.  2:278.

Book Chapters

  • Krypotos A.-M. (2009). Karkinos tou Prostath kai Sexoualikh Dusleitourgia: O Rolos Ths Sumbouleutikhs. [translation: Prostate Cancer and Sexual Dysfunction: The role of Counseling Psychology] In Malikiosi Loizou & Antwnia Papastylianou (eds.) H Sumbouleutikh Psychologia stous Andres.  pp. 111-132. Athens: Ellinika Grammata.

  • Kyriklaki A., & Krypotos A.-M. (2008). Programmata Prolhyhs kai Jerapeias gia thn Paidikh Sexoualikh Kakopoihsh: Anaskophsh Ereunwn 2000-2006. [translation: Prevention and Treatment Programs for Child Sexual Abuse: Literature review for the Years 2000-2006].  In Giotakos O. & Tsiliakou M. (eds.) O Kuklos ths Kakopoihshs: Endooikogeneiakh Bia, Sexoualikh Kakopoihsh  pp. 211-234. Athens: Archipelagos.


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