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Research in my group is aimed at understanding the principles that govern membrane lipid homeostasis and identifying the underlying sensor-effector modules. These topics are investigated in the reference eukaryote baker’s yeast (S. cerevisiae) using biochemical, genetic and chemical biological approaches, complemented by lipidome analysis. A novel regulatory mechanism maintaining the balance between bilayer and non-bilayer lipids was discovered that adapts lipid acyl chain composition in response to changes in lipid class composition and vice versa. Current research focuses on the identity and molecular mechanism of the gene products involved including the membrane sensor. Acyltransferases were found to determine acyl chain desaturation, providing new insight into the regulation of membrane fluidity and generating new tools for manipulating membrane lipid composition. Photoactivatable and clickable phospholipid probe molecules have been developed that were successfully used to discover new lipid-protein interactions in biological membranes. In flanking application-oriented research, we aim to improve the performance of yeast in production processes involving hydrophobic substances by engineering the membrane lipid composition.

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Curriculum vitae


Toon de Kroon received his PhD cum laude (1991) at Utrecht University (promotores prof. dr. Ben de Kruijff and prof. dr. Hans de Gier). After post-doctoral research at Stanford University with prof. dr. Harden McConnell funded by an NWO-stipend, he returned to Utrecht University, and joined the faculty of the Department of Chemistry in 1995. Research in the De Kroon group focuses on phospholipid-protein interactions and their functions in cell biology, and on regulatory mechanisms of membrane lipid homeostasis. He teaches courses in the bachelor programs of Chemistry and of Biomedical Sciences, and coordinates a course in the master program MCLS. He is a member of several education-related committees. He received an NWO “Jonge Chemici” fellowship and several CW-ECHO grants, has participated in EU-Networks, and (co-)authored over 80 peer-reviewed publications.


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Alle publicaties
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