Dr. A. (Annemarie) Borg

Leuvenlaan 4
Kamer 3.08
3584 CE Utrecht

Dr. A. (Annemarie) Borg

Universitair docent
Responsible AI
Formele uitleg met computationele argumentatie 01-10-2022 tot 30-09-2027
Algemene projectbeschrijving

If we want to apply artificial intelligence (AI) in high-risk domains, such as health care and the legal system, the applications need to be reliable and trustworthy. Additionally, they need to comply with an increasing range of ethical and legal guidelines. The fast growing research area of explainable artificial intelligence (XAI) is aimed at developing "good explanations" for AI systems and decisions derived with them.

In this project, we study explanations for and with computational argumentation. The main idea of Dung’s abstract argumentation, designed to model non-monotonic reasoning, is that an argument is only warranted if it is defended against counterarguments. We investigate how the benefits of explicit knowledge and clear reasoning mechanisms can be implemented for explanations; determine what makes good argumentative explanations; and apply argumentation-based approaches to provide explanations for decisions derived with other AI approaches. 

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