• Diploma: Educatie en Communicatie in de Mens- en Maatschappijwetenschappen (68538)
    Tijdsduur: 2 jaar
    Als leraar Aardrijkskunde draag je je interesse en kennis op professionele wijze over op anderen; in het onderwijs of een andere (educatieve) sector.
  • Diploma: Geographical Sciences (60732)
    • 2 jaar
    • 4 jaar (deeltijd)
    GIMA focuses on the management and application of geographical information from a scientific perspective.
  • Diploma: Sociale geografie (66620)
    Tijdsduur: 1 jaar
    In the Human Geography programme, you will study urban regions and their economic developments from various academic perspectives and thematic angles. You will find possible solutions for contemporary and upcoming (economic) challenges of cities.
  • Diploma: Development Studies (60731)
    Tijdsduur: 1 jaar
    International Development Studies focuses on current development issues and teaches conceptual, theoretical, and empirical knowledge of trends and topics on the development agenda.
  • Diploma: Spatial Planning (66622)
    • 1 jaar
    • 2 jaar (deeltijd)
    The Master's programme Spatial Planning trains you to solve conflicting interests on urban land.
  • Diploma: Human Geography and Planning (research) (60166)
    Tijdsduur: 2 jaar
    In this master you are trained to analyse increasing urbanisation, growing environmental threats and uneven economic globalisation. You will learn to formulate effective policy recommendations to make cities and regions more viable.