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Honours track: U-TEAch

Zoek je extra uitdaging en ben je geïnteresseerd in internationaal en tweetalig onderwijs, dan kun je binnen de lerarenopleiding kiezen voor de internationale honours track U-TEAch (Utrecht Teacher Education Academy). Binnen dit grotendeels Engelstalige traject leer je om je eigen vak te doceren op tweetalige en internationale scholen.

Are you fascinated by other cultures? Do you have a global or European perspective? And most of all, would you like an extra challenge: teaching your school subject in English? Then join our international oriented track: U-TEAch (Utrecht Teacher Education Academy). U-TEAch is an elective honours track which provides extra enrichment to the regular Teacher Education.

U-TEAch is available for the following school subjects:

Biology | Chemistry | Civics | Economics | English | Geography | History | History of Arts | Mathematics | Physics | Religious Studies

But other subjects will also be considered depending on the availability of internship schools for those subjects.

Study Programme

U-TEAch offers you two integrated modules which focus on topics related to:

  • Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL)
    This module focuses on theories related to teaching your subject through English. You learn about how learners learn languages and how you can facilitate this in your subject lessons. How is teaching biology or history through English different from teaching it in the learners' first language? Which skills do you need to develop to facilitate learning of both your subject and English? How can you give feedback to learners on both content and language? This course focuses on the answers to those questions.
  • International and Cross Cultural Education (ICE)
    This module explores and evaluates the characteristics of different educational systems, e.g. the International Baccalaureate (IB). You study the IB curriculum both for your own subject area, as well as the IB philosophy about international education. Another extremely important factor in becoming a successful international or bilingual teacher is cultural awareness, which is another integral element of this course.

The innovative U-TEAch course is offered in partnership with various international and bilingual partner schools in the Netherlands and abroad. This creates a perfect combination of theory and practice.

You will conduct an extended practice based research dealing with a topic related to bilingual or international education and your second teaching internship is spent abroad where you teach for about 14 weeks full-time at school.

First semester

During the first semester you follow classes in English* two days a week at the university, and the rest of the week you teach your subject in English at either a bilingual school (TTO) or international IB school.
* Classes are all in English, except for lectures on your subject methodology.

Second semester

The second internship abroad is mandatory and will take place between February and May. You will go abroad for three to four months, usually in pairs or threes. This training period takes place either in a bilingual, mainstream or international school abroad. You will be asked to teach and assume responsibility for a number of classes at one of our partner schools, though the ultimate responsibility for your classes ultimately rests with your school supervisor. At this moments internships are being offered in South Africa,  Norway, Poland and Saint Maarten.

For some internships abroad students can apply for an Erasmus bursary.

In-service programme

If you already are teaching but want to join U-TEAch you can apply to the U-TEAch in-service programme. Please contact studieadviseur.gst@uu.nl for more information.

To enter the U-TEAch track via the in-service programme.

  • You need to fullfill the entrance requirements.
  • You need to be teaching a minimum of 5 hours and an absolute maximum of 12 hours per week at a bilingual school or international school in the Netherlands.
  • Your course starts with an introductory period of one full-time week. After this, you work at school three days each week and spend the other two days at the university where you have the opportunity to reflect on your in-school experiences.
  • It is vital that your school provides supervision.
  • You have the possibility to go abroad for a short period during the second part of the course as well as continuing to work at your own school.

Entry requirements

  • Applicants should meet the same entrance requirements that apply to the Master’s programme Geschiedenis: educatie en communicatie. See Toelating en aanmelden.
  • Dutch applicants should have successfully completed a two-month orientation course in education at one of the Dutch University teacher training departments (ULO - Nederlandse Universitaire Lerarenopleidingen), or can otherwise show that they have good prospects of the teaching profession. E.g. having worked as a remedial teacher, as coach of a sportsteam, etc.
  • Foreign applicants should have successfully completed a two-month orientation course in education at one of the Dutch University teacher training departments (ULO - Nederlandse Universitaire Lerarenopleidingen), or can otherwise show that they have good prospects of the teaching profession , e.g. having worked as a remedial teacher, as coach of a sportsteam, etc. Moreover, it is important to have a good understanding of Dutch education.
  • A minimum C1 language level of English is required as well as passive proficiency in Dutch (reading and listening). This may be assessed during an interview or can be demonstrated by passing the parts lezen and luisteren of NT2, Programma II (B2 niveau).
  • Application deadline is April 1, 2019.


The U-TEAch selection committee will examine your application and motivation letter and decide whether you will be invited for an interview. Unfortunately, we cannot place every candidate.

Note: the U-TEAch programme starts once a year, in August/September.

Career opportunities

U-TEAch leads to a Dutch first-degree teaching certificate which fully qualifies you to teach at Dutch schools in your school subject. Besides the first-degree teaching certificate, you will receive a U-TEAch honours certificate to provide evidence that you have specialised in international and bilingual teaching.

Starting date

U-TEAch is a full time (elective) track. Starting date is August 26th, 2019.
The programme starts one week before the schools in the middle of the Netherlands start. As we start straight away with a full time programme and we work on the course philosophy and group formation, attendance during that week is absolutely necessary and we cannot make exceptions. Please realise that this date is before the official start of the academic year. 

Holland Scholarship

The Holland Scholarship is financed by the Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture & Science and Dutch research universities and universities of applied sciences. The scholarship is meant for international students from outside the European Economic Area (EEA*) who wish to pursue a master’s degree in Holland. Find out more.

More information

Check our list of FAQs.

For other questions you can contact our study advisor: studieadviseur.gst@uu.nl.