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Honours track: U-TEAch

Are you fascinated by other cultures? Do you have a global and/or European perspective? And most of all, would you like an extra challenge: teaching your school subject in English? Then join our international oriented track: U-TEAch (Utrecht Teacher Education Academy). U-TEAch is a selective honours track which provides extra enrichment to the regular Teacher Education. The course focuses on teaching in bilingual and international schools, and includes an internship abroad in which students live and teach abroad.

U-TEAch leads to a Dutch first-degree teaching certificate which fully qualifies you to teach at Dutch schools in your school subject. Besides the first-degree teaching certificate, you will receive a U-TEAch honours certificate to certify your specialization in international and bilingual teaching.

U-TEAch is available for the following school subjects:

Art History (ckv) | Biology | Chemistry | Civics | Dutch* | Economics | English | French | Geography | German* | History | Informatics | Mathematics | Physics | Religious Studies | Spanish*

*Some subjects will be considered depending on the availability of internship schools for those subjects.

Study Programme

The U-TEAch track is a fulltime 1-year programme and is an integrated part of the second year of the master programme Educatie en Communicatie.

Modules: CLIL, ICE and IC

Apart from the regular teacher training programme, U-TEAch offers you three integrated modules that serve as the pedagogical elective and one of the general elective courses: Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL), International and Cross Cultural Education (ICE) and Internationalise your Classroom (IC).

In-service programme

Students who are already teaching can choose to do the in-service variant. This means that instead of doing an internship provided to you by our Internship Office, you continue to work at your own school while doing U-TEAch.

To enter the U-TEAch as an in-service student, you need to have a suitable job at a bilingual or international school in the Netherlands. Specifically, you need to be teaching a minimum of five and an absolute maximum of 12 lesson hours (50 minutes) per week (max. 0,5 fte). Please note that in the second semester you are required to teach at least 60 lesson hours (50 minutes) in the upper forms. For further requirements, including mandatory supervision, please see the U-TEAch job requirements or contact the Internship Office via stagebureau.gst@uu.nl.

Entrance requirements

Candidates for the U-TEAch track will be selected based on the criteria below:

  1. Applicants should meet the entry requirements that apply to the Master’s programme (see Toelating en aanmelden of one of these programmes).
  2. Active understanding of Dutch. The one exception to point 1 is the Dutch proficiency. For U-TEAch a good understanding of Dutch is required (B2 for reading and listening). lf you have not completed a Dutch-language education (secondary school, Bachelor or Master), this can be demonstrated by passing NT2 programma II (minimal score 500) or by passing Certificaat Nederlands als Vreemde Taal. (Please note that the requirement for other tracks within the Master’s programme is higher and can only be demonstrated via Certificaat Nederlands als Vreemde Taal).
  3. Excellent English language skills. Minimum C1 level is required. Candidates can show this by passing one of the following tests: IELTS (minimum score 7.0), TOEFL (minimum score 101 ) Cambridge English CAE or CPE (minimum score 185). Please note that the minimum requirement for the school subject English is higher, and that for other school subject this requirement is lower for other tracks within the programme. Candidates with a Dutch education can also choose to have their language skills tested during the selection interview. The Selection Committee can decide that a second interview-test might be required.
  4. International orientation. For instance via experience in the Netherlands or abroad with diverse cultural groups, plus experience living independently abroad (for those who go abroad).
  5. Strong motivation for teaching in general. You are able to show and reflect on prior (educational/teaching) experience involving initiative, innovation, collaboration, responsibility and self-reflection. You can show you have good prospects of the teaching profession. E.g. having worked as a remedial teacher, as homework supervisor, as coach of a sports team. You also have experience working with high school aged youth (teaching, volunteering, homework institute, coaching, scouts, etc.).
  6. Strong motivation and vision for U-TEAch. You are able to show and reflect on prior (educational) experience in an international and culturally diverse environment. You also have knowledge and insight in the Dutch education system, including regular and bilingual education, and international schools. This can, for example, be done by doing a snuffelstage or meeloopweek at a local school.
  7. Self-management skills. These include reflective, social and communication skills, planning and organization skills, and collaboration skills to work in diverse groups of peers and colleagues.
  8. Honours profile. You have a GPA for your Bachelor’s or Master’s of 7.0 out of 10 or higher (in the Dutch education system). If your GPA is lower you can compensate this via other capacities you have, such as extracurricular activities, good recommendations, etc. This is for the Selection Committee to decide.

The Selection Committee will determine if you meet requirements 4 to 8 via your motivation letter, cv, letters of reference, and during the selection interview (which includes an elevator pitch).

The application deadline is 1 April.

Dates for the selection interviews in 2023: 
Early bird: March 27 and 28, 2023. (fixus and regular)
Fixus: April 17 and 18, 2023.
Regular: May 8, 9 and 22, 2023.

The selection interviews will take place at Utrecht Science Park.

Not selected for U-TEAch? If you are not selected for the U-TEAch honours track, you will proceed for the regular teaching track unless you have explicitly indicated otherwise in Osiris Online Application at the time of you application. You will receive notice of your non-selection from the Selection Committee. You will receive a separate message about your admission to the Master’s programme.

Starting date

The U-TEAch track starts each year in August. The programme starts one week before the schools in the middle of the Netherlands start. Please realise that this date is before the official start of the academic year. Attendance during that week is absolutely necessary and therefore mandatory.

More information

Please check our list of FAQs or contact our study advisor: studieadviseur.gst@uu.nl.