Master’s Open Day

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UU Master's Open Day FSW 2018
Information stands

Twice a year, we organise a Master’s Open Day where you can get to know our Master's programme Youth Studies

You will have the opportunity to join information sessions and talk to lecturers, students and alumni at the information stands.

Extra activities

Besides information sessions and information stands we also offer you some additional activities;

Handouts of the information session on Youth Studies

Were you unable to attend the information session at our latest Master's Open Day? Download our handouts of the sessions:

- the Master's programme Youth Studies and/or
- the pre-Master's programme.  

The next Master's Open Day will take place on:

Friday 14 February (13:00h - 18:00h)

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If you have any questions about the upcoming Master’s Open Day or other information events, please contact our Information desk at or +31 30 253 2670.

Can't make it?

If you are interested in this programme but unable to attend the Open Day, take a look at our latest webinar. This video offers more information about the Master's, and will provide you with a better sense of what it is really like to be a student in this programme.

UU Master's Open Day Oct 2018