Career Prospects

This programme leads to the Master of Science (MSc) diploma and the NVO registration as Educationalist (basis pedagoog). After receiving your diploma, you can work in various types of jobs.


Past experience has shown that students who have completed this programme are well prepared for a job as a junior researcher or PhD candidate.


The Master’s programme in Youth, Education and Society prepares you for professions 
•    that involve the development of pedagogical policy;
•    that put pedagogical support and advice centre stage;
•    that research pedagogical themes;
•    that analyse and use pedagogical knowledge in conjunction with other disciplines.

The target groups involved are:
•    citizens
•    pedagogical professionals
•    providers of support, education and care
•    policy advisors
•    institutions

•    lecturer for academic pedagogical training programmes
•    policy advisor at a ministry, province, municipality, umbrella and interest organisation of pedagogical services (at national or international level)
•    staff member or policy officer with youth services
•    policy and practice researcher for national and regional innovation and support institutions (at national or international level)
•    advisor or trainer at a consultancy (at national or international level)


The courses I took during my Master’s are all coming together in my current job.
Beata Schrier