Webinar: Student Life in Utrecht

On Wednesday 25 October we organized a live webinar about ‘Student Life in Utrecht’. During this webinar we told you more about what it is like to study and live in Utrecht. Our international student Emma from Hungary gave you an idea of what international students can expect when they move to the Netherlands and shared ideas of things you can do in and outside of your studies.  

What we covered

  • Studying under the Dutch study system
  • Student associations and organisations
  • Sports & Cultural activities
  • Shopping and food in Utrecht
  • Cycling and buying a bike
  • Nightlife
About the hosts

My name is Emma and I am following the Master programme in International Law here in Utrecht. I also work part-time as a student assistant with the International Recruitment Team at UU. I'm from Budapest, where I studied Sociology and Human Rights Law and I have been involved in Human Rights activism throughout my studies with various NGOs, such as Amnesty International Hungary and the Hungarian Association for Migrants.

Having just arrived to Utrecht a few weeks ago my experiences with the application process and finding my way around as an international student are fresh and up-to-date, so I'll be happy to answer all your questions and provide you with tips and personal anecdotes about living and studying here!

I am Carlijn and I am the president of the Erasmus Student Network Utrecht. This is an international student organization which organizes all sorts of activities for international students. These activities include day trips, pub quizzes, international kitchens, weekend trips, parties and much more. Although it may seem like ESN Utrecht is only there for Erasmus students, in fact ESN welcomes all international students studying in Utrecht. I’ll be happy to answer any questions you might have about the student life in Utrecht during the webinar, and hopefully we’ll see each other in Utrecht soon!