Utrecht through International Eyes


  • “Utrecht, just 40km south of Amsterdam, is a compact city filled with delightful cafes and restaurants, thousands of students who attend the venerable Utrecht University, and many artists and musicians. Along the Oudegracht, the central canal, cellar-level bars and pubs line the towpath, which is a charming place to watch the boats and birds go by.”

    BBC: Living in: The world’s happiest places (2013, 22 October)


  • “When most people think about a healthy living environment they don’t think of big cities. But Utrecht is challenging all that. In fact, the city offers one of the healthiest and most sustainable living environments in the world; home to cutting-edge innovations that not only improve the health of those who live there, but their overall quality of life too.”

    The New Economy: Utrecht becomes one of the world’s best places to live (2015, 5 December)


  • “Thanks to some bikes and a bunny, this summer an international audience will discover what the locals already know: Utrecht is a vibrant, architecturally distinctive and happening place hidden in the shadow of Amsterdam, its famous neighbor to the north.”

    The Washington Post: Utrecht is a hidden gem in Amsterdam’s shadow (2015, 12 March)


  • “It’s an intimate city of narrow streets and sleepy canals. The centre is small enough that you won’t get lost, and there are new treats around every corner. The picturesque streets are lined with boutiques and cafes, and the central area is mostly pedestrianised – just keep a look out for cyclists because they’re everywhere!”

    Daily Mail: Forget Amsterdam, why you should visit the picturesque streets and sleepy canals of Utrecht (2015, 6 December)


  • “Whatever the reason, this graceful city is bizarrely under-visited. Its old town is encircled by a medieval canal, and you can hop on a boat tour to visit the city’s bustling, vibrant wharves.”

    Lonely Planet: 10 of the world’s unsung places (2012, 14 May)


  • “Despite what you might have heard, believe, or think — the most beautiful canal city in Europe is not Venice. And it’s not St. Petersburg, Bruges or France’s Annecy, often called the ‘Venice of the Alps’. In fact, the crown for the most ravishing, foxy and bloody good-looking canal city in the whole of Europe goes to ... Utrecht.”

    News.com.au - Travel Ideas: The city that tourists should add to their essential viewing list (2015, 16 October)