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From September 2017 the Urban Geography programme will go on as a specialisation within the new Human Geography programme. As a result it is no longer possible to apply for Urban Geography. Probably you will find the specialisation you are looking for in one of the tracks in the new Human Geography Master’s programme.

Understanding the processes of modern cities

Cities are bubbling, dynamic places where people get together and generate new ideas. They are breeding grounds for innovation and creativity. Yet they are  also places where tensions between different communities, with differing lifestyles, may arise and where social inequalities reveal themselves. In this one-year Master's programme in Urban Geography you will study the city from various academic perspectives and thematic angles, with an interdisciplinary approach. In so doing, you will learn to analyse and explain the dynamics of how a variety of people use and experience a diversity of spaces within cities, including its socio-spatial causes and consequences.

The program discusses social, cultural, economic and technological trends and developments that lead to increasingly different and diffuse patterns of activities, movement and interaction. These transformations and their implications for cities are critically examined and discussed by looking at issues connected to city life, housing, employment, mobility, leisure, consumerism, and urban policy-making. You will be welcomed onto the programme by an enthusiastic team of tutors and researchers, with wide-ranging research expertise in these urban issues and wide-spread experience in the international field.    

Specialisation tracks

The programme in Urban Geography offers two specialisation tracks. The Urban Daily Life: Cultures, Consumption and Mobilities track pays attention to themes like shopping rhythms, urban nightlife, virtual mobility, and tourism. The Living in the City: Migration, Mobility and Neighbourhoods track pays attention to themes like transnational connections, gated communities, social mobility, and new urbanism.

An international focus

This Master’s programme has an international character due to the content matter discussed and the perspective adopted. We welcome students from around the world onto the programme each year. You will also go on an international fieldtrip to an important global metropolis and can complete your Master's thesis project and/or internship abroad. The multidimensional nature and complexity of the issues studied on this programme, as well as the interdisciplinary approach used, means that you will be able to find work in many fields, positions, and locations following graduation.

Programme objective

As a student on the Master's Urban Geography programme, you will study the city from various academic perspectives and thematic angles, with an interdisciplinary approach. You will also focus on analysing and explaining the dynamics of how a variety of people use and experience a diversity of spaces within cities, including its socio-spatial causes and consequences.

This Master’s programme will give you a thorough understanding of important urban issues. Furhtermore, you will receive comprehensive training in the methodological and critical analytical skills needed to gain comprehensive insights in, and find possible solutions for, contemporary and upcoming challenges of cities. This will provide you with a firm basis for a career in research and/or evaluating research results and translating them into policies and projects. 

  • "The field trip to a foreign city in Europe or North America was definitely a highlight of the year!


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  • Title: MSc
  • Master's degree in: Sociale geografie
  • Programme: Urban Geography
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