• "I still build on and follow closely the research in Utrecht"


    Alumnus Matte Hartog (Harvard University)

    "The Urban and Economic Geography Master's is a very good programme, with a balanced mix of courses focusing on empirical subjects and theory. Particularly rewarding is that as a student you are closely involved with the academic staff and their research - economic geography in my case. Two chapters of my PhD thesis originated directly from ideas and course work during the Master's. I still build on and follow closely the research in Utrecht, which is cutting edge internationally and contributes significantly to understanding regional development. The Master's programme will give you a solid understanding of how such research is conducted, providing you with knowledge and analytical insights that are relevant not only in academia and research, but also in policy, consultancy, and other fields."

  • "The students created a collaborative and social environment"

    Alumna Carolina Castanheira

    Alumna Carolina Castanheira

    “My experience of the Urban and Economic Geography Master’s programme was extremely rewarding. The professors were experts in their fields and yet accessible. Students were able to create a collaborative and social environment. I loved how the courses were well organised and the material was interesting and engaging. The programme perfectly balanced the breadth and depth of subjects such as development, economic geography, social exclusion and mobility. In my opinion, the focus on the emerging theoretical knowledge was the most valuable contribution offered by the programme.”

  • "Cities are not only constructed physically with bricks, but also ideally with people in mind."

    Alumna Min Yang

    Alumna (now PhD candidate) Min Yang

    "I had decided that I wanted to obtain a PhD after my Master’s degree. So when I saw that this Master’s programme was research-oriented, I knew it was for me. On top of that, this Master’s programme sparked my interest in the ways people and places interact. Cities are not only constructed physically with bricks, but also ideally with people in mind. People can perceive and use one place in different ways based on their own background, knowledge and even their mood at that very moment.

    The programme has a good combination of theoretical and methodological training in the field of urban and economic geography and a very international working environment. Students from different countries are bringing their own ideas and interpretations of literature, which makes the discussion in class very lively and fruitful. Now I am a PhD candidate in department of Human Geography. I believe this Master’s programme gave me a systematical training on how to become a researcher and will keep helping me pursuing my career in future."

  • "Every project is highly relevant to decision makers"

    Alumnus Nils Ellewanger

    "The choice of the research master in Urban and Economic Geography was a logical consequence of my interest in economic geography and academic research. Today, I am employed as a consultant in the field of Public Economics. This job gives me the opportunity to apply many of the research skills that I have acquired during the research master. As a consultant I do, for example, econometric analyses as well as literature studies. The methods applied vary to the same degree as the research objects I am working with. They can be as different as pharmaceuticals, cultural organisations and municipal mergers. There is, however, an important common denominator of my research and consultancy activities: every project is highly relevant to decision makers. "