Career Development

  • Academic and professional skills
  • Assistance with career development
  • Career Officer
  • UU Career Services
  • Study society


The Strategic Human Resource Management programme employs a competence-focused didactic concept. This involves a combination of theoretical knowledge, professional skills and policy issues from everyday practice. Assignments that practical policy researchers or HR advisors have to tackle (or may have to tackle) are a key feature of this academic programme. This allows you to apply theoretical insights and develop the professional skills that will prove invaluable in professional practice.

You will also take courses in the areas of consultancy skills, policy skills, and management skills. The Master’s project offers you an opportunity to explore the field at even greater depth and to choose your own profile. From the very first week of this Master’s programme, we focus on academic and professional skills at course level.


Many students make contact with their future employer while they are still studying. This can happen for example, at a careers market, or in the course of a research project or thesis research commissioned by an organisation or company. The programme staff make every effort to facilitate this process. In addition to excellent links with the world of professional practice, the programme has an extensive network that includes students from academic programmes for professionals.

Career Officer

The Public Administration and Organisation Science programme has its own Career Officer. You can contact her to arrange a career guidance interview or a CV and LinkedIn check, for guidance on job applications, with any questions about the programme’s alumni/business relations, training courses and about other job-market-related issues.

UU Career Services

Utrecht University’s Career Services holds activities in the context of your programme (and outside it) to help you prepare for your career. There are four key themes: discover your talents, explore your options, get in touch, and develop your professional skills. Career Services offers support with each of these themes, in the form of training courses, tests, advice, etc.

Study association

Finally, the programme’s study society also plays an important part in helping you to explore your options. It regularly holds contact days, seminars and dinners with organisations and companies. Perikles is the Strategic Human Resource Management’s own study association.