• Christoph Spörlein (Germany)

    "If you aim to become a researcher in the field of sociology, the Master’s programme in Sociology and Social Research will give you the foundation to successfully achieve that goal. The teachers take great care when it comes to explaining concepts and methods. The lecturers always welcome questions or discussions and are easy to approach when students need help."

  • Anne van der Put (The Netherlands)

    "SASR was a great addition to my Bachelor’s degree from University College Maastricht. I gained a lot of in-depth knowledge on methods and statistics. In my thesis, I researched the role social influence plays in health promotion. I am excited to continue this line of research in the PhD position I obtained at Utrecht University! Fellow students also found jobs outside academia. One of my friends now works as a researcher at the Algemene Rekenkamer (Netherlands Court of Audit), for instance. The programme is a great preparation for a career in research, either inside or outside the university."

  • Verena Seibel (Germany)

    "I applied for Sociology and Social Research because I heard about the Master's good reputation. The programme exceeded my expectations. It convinces through its small class size, excellent supervision, and very good structure."

  • Milena Tsvetkova (Bulgaria)

    "My project will involve an analytical prediction, possibly a computer simulation and a computerised laboratory experiment, so I have lots of exciting stuff and loads of challenging work ahead."

  • Tanveer Reza Rouf (Bangladesh)

    "Sociology and Social Research is an intensive programme that highlights theory-guided empirical research. It really pushes students to challenge the limits of their ability to learn."

  • Zoltan Lippenyi (Hungary)

    "Professional, passionate about science, and very motivated: those words spring to mind to describe the teachers in Sociology and Social Research."