The Utrecht University lecturers and researchers have helped to develop the specialisation of social, health and organisational psychology. They are up to date on the most recent developments of the empirical field. How does this Master’s programme stand out compared to comparable programmes of other universities?

The possibility to specialise or broaden your horizon

In Utrecht, there are three tracks to choose from. You can place emphasis on:

  • Social Influence or
  • Health Promotion or
  • Work and Organisation

In your internship, thesis, and electives you can further explore your personal field of interest.

Linking theory and practice

The programme offers a strong connection between scientific theory and practice. You learn how to apply your scientific knowledge in practice and you will attend guest lectures by experts from professional practice and classes by prominent scientists. For example, several courses in the programme offer guest lectures from professionals who work in organisations such as Trendsactive, Inhealth (in Dutch), and the Council for Health and Society.

In addition, we organise a yearly seminar and meet-and-greet with professionals from different occupational areas in Social, Health and Organisational Psychology. During the monthly colloquia, renowned national and international scientists give state-of-the-art lecturers about their research.

International fame

You will profit from the internationally prominent research carried out in Utrecht. Our lecturers are authorities in their field and will provide you with state-of-the-art knowledge of social, health and organizational psychology. Our programme reflects the lecturers' expertise. For example, read more about the research being carried out at our department of Social, Health and Organisational Psychology, the Self-Regulation Lab and the Goallab.

World-class university
Academy Building Utrecht University
Academy Building Utrecht University

Choosing Utrecht University means choosing one of the best universities in the country. Several renowned international rankings place Utrecht University among the 100 best universities in the world. The teaching environment at Utrecht University is international: half of the Utrecht Masters' programmes are taught in English. The existing and former academic staff of Utrecht University include twelve Nobel Prize laureates: G. ‘t Hooft, M.J.G. Veltman, P.J. Crutzen, N. Bloembergen, T.C. Koopmans, L.S. Ruzicka, P. Debye, C. Eijkman, R.Magnus, W. Einthoven, W.C. Röntgen and J.H. van ‘t Hoff.

A lively, bustling student city
Utrecht's canals by night
Utrecht's canals by night

Utrecht is a city of unparalleled vitality in the middle of the Netherlands. A medieval city centre small enough to explore on foot, yet large enough to host world-class festivals, fashionable shops, modern architecture and fascinating museums. You will find lots of friendly outdoor cafés and restaurants. It is only thirty minutes from Schiphol airport and all of the Netherlands is just a short journey away.

Lonely Planet ranks Utrecht in their top-10 of the world's unsung places!

CNN lists Utrecht as one of the world's best cycling cities.

The Guardian (June 2015) tips Utrecht as "the laidback alternative to Amsterdam".