• Larisa Riedijk studied Social, Health, and Organisational Psychology

    "I chose the track Social Influence as I did not see myself work in corporate businesses, but more in non-profit institutes aimed at improving (aspects of) society. In this track you learn how to advise organisations with scientifically validated interventions for a variety of social issues. In the course "Social Influence" it becomes clear how many of these interventions are aimed at influencing people subconsciously, which I thought was very interesting. Besides the required courses you have the freedom to create your own profile by choosing out of a variety of optional courses. However, if you are not sure about what you want to do after the programme, you can easily choose courses from (one of) the other tracks, so that you can expand your knowledge and thus your opportunities for the future.

    Apart from the knowledge you acquire during this programme, you gain even more competences; you learn to 1) think critically and never take information for granted (companies love that!), 2) to think and behave ethically, 3) to reflect on your own performances and 4) to intertwine scientific knowledge with practice. Therefore, I have learned more than I could have ever expected beforehand.

    I chose to do the internal internship to become a trainer or intervention psychologist, with a compulsory but very interesting course in intervention psychology. In my opinion, this internship offered me more than any other regular internship could, as you are given a lot of responsibility and independence. Also, a lot of attention is given to personal reflection. Although confronting at times, it made me become more aware of myself and I took a big leap in my development; I became a different, stronger person. Most of all, it developed me into a professional interventionist, which affords me lots of possibilities on the labour market. All in all this Master's programme was a very educational experience."

    Larisa Riedijk – alumna Social, Health, and Organisational Psychology (track Social Influence)

  • Thijs Lamping studies Social, Health and Organisational Psychology

    "I chose for a specialisation in Work and Organisation in Utrecht in order to find a job in the business community. This Master's programme prepares you well for that. For instance with the course Organisational Development, which is about companies that go through phases of growth or have to downsize. Questions such as 'What is the best way for a team to develop in order to function well?' and 'How do individuals fit in such a team?' are treated. I think it would be fun to advise organisations on such matters.

    After my Bachelor's programme International Corporate Economics, I became scared out of my wits to already start working full-time at age 21. Besides, I wanted to develop myself further. That is why I studied Work and Organisational Psychology. This Master's programme is a logical continuation to that. I think the balance between science and practice is what's good about Work and Organisational Psychology. The research skills you gain can be used outside the university as well. This enables me to look critically at corporate research programmes, which are often carried out by expensive research bureaus.

    I am going to write my thesis and do an internship at Bol.com. A big company like that is an interesting place to gain experience. After my Master's programme, I hope to get to work somewhere as an organisational advisor or as a management trainee."

    Thijs Lamping - alumnus Social, Health and Organisational Psychology (track Work and Organisation)