How can psychological theories in the fields of social, health and organizational psychology contribute to interventions in complex social and organisational issues? You can explore this question in the various optional courses offered in this programme.

Programme outline 

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Courses for all tracks

  • From Theory to Intervention 5 EC
  • Academic Professional
    (incl. internship and thesis preparation, Period 1-4) 5 EC
  • Two elective courses (within programme or elsewhere) 5 EC each
  • Academic Professional
  • Internship & Thesis 30 EC
  • Academic Professional

Courses per track:

  • Social Influence
  • Health Promotion
  • Work and Organisation
  • Communication 5 EC
  • Health Promotion 5 EC
  • Work and Performance 5 EC
  • Social Influence 5 EC
  • Nudging 5 EC
  • Organisational Development
    5 EC
  • Internship & Thesis 30 EC
  • Academic Professional

You can find detailed descriptions on the 'courses' page.


Academic Professional

Throughout the entire year, the Academic Professional course will let you focus on the development of your professional identity. This course addresses themes such as:

  • scientific and professional integrity
  • ethics
  • cooperation with other professionals/disciplines
  • job-market orientation


During your internship, you will get to work as a junior psychologist in one of the practical or research fields of social, health and organisational psychology.

Examples of organizations where our students have done their internship;


During your thesis, you will learn to function independently as a researcher in the field of social, health and organisational psychology.

Bring Your Own Device

If you are taking any computer-based classes, please bear in mind that you might be expected to bring your own laptop. As a UU student, you'll have access to practically all study software via your own laptop, free of charge, wherever you are. Read all about BYOD.


I had a lot of fun doing this Master's programme. I found the degree programme to be interesting and challenging. I learned a lot about the fascinating aspects of behaviour and social influence. We spent attention on both theory and practice while doing that.
Aukje, alumna specialised in social psychology