What I learned from my Master's and what has helped me in my career as well, is the ability to think in abstract processes and entities. To be able to explain problems and find solutions will always be something I will profit from.
Adriaan, alumnus

Entering the labour market

The knowledge and skills you gain in this Master's programme provide access to a broad spectrum of occupational opportunities. Graduates get (sometimes after a traineeship or further education) a large variety of jobs in commercial organisations and in the public sector. You can also start your own company. Due to the strong international focus of our programme, you are an attractive employee for organisations from all over the world.

Professional jobs

  • organisational consultant (KPN, Berenschot or Cap Gemini)
  • trainer, coach (Pure Talent, Universities of Applied Sciences)
  • expert in behaviour change (d&b, Milieu Centraal, Arcadis Nederland)
  • health psychologist (Nutricia, Philips, Local Community Health Service (GGD), first-line basic healthcare instituitions (e.g. general practitioners))
  • project manager (Team Alert, Publicis Amsterdam)
  • consultant for public communication (Hilversum Media Campus, NPO)
  • consultant for marketing or advertising (Coolblue, STER reclame, Booking.com)
  • consultant for recruitment & selection, HRM (Yacht, Hays, Akerendam, CEB, Randstad)
  • consultant for policy makers (Government, ministries, township, NS (in Dutch))
  • work psychologist (Falke & Verbaan, Volker Wessels)
  • researcher (TNO, Trendsactive, Motivaction, TNS NIPO, Bol.com, Toota Research, CBS, Ipsos, Anti Discriminatie Bureau Radar)
As a student I was already intrigued by the question of how people make choices. Which conscious and unconscious tendencies play a role, and how can you tackle these to change people's behaviour?
Else, alumna