Career Prospects

The career prospects for our graduates are good. Approximately half of our students start a career as teacher. Others find a job as an educational researcher at a university, or they find a job in another setting in which they can transmit their science knowledge to others.

Getting started as a teacher

After completing the track Teacher Degree, you will be qualified as a teacher for one of the school subjects in both lower and upper secondary education. The employment prospects for teachers in science subjects are generally good, but there are differences between school subjects. There are many vacancies for teachers in chemistry, computer science, physics, and mathematics, and there are fewer opportunities for biology teachers.

Apart from being qualified as a teacher in chemistry, computer science, physics, or mathematics, you are also qualified to teach Nature, Life and Technology, after completion of this master’s programme.

Wide variety of careers

Graduates from the track Research and development, and graduates from the track Teacher Degree who do not opt for a position as a teacher, find their way in a wide variety of careers: