Pre-Master's Programme

Utrecht University does not offer a Pre-Master’s programme for this Master’s programme. Applicants for the Research Master’s programme should hold either:

  • A Bachelor’s Degree in Public Administration from a Dutch university;
  • A national or University College Utrecht Bachelor’s Degree in one of the related disciplines (General Social Sciences, Business Administration, Policy Studies, Communication, Cultural Anthropology, Organisation Science, Human Resource Management, Social Sciences, Sociology, Political Science);
  • An international Bachelor’s Degree in one of the above mentioned disciplines;
  • A one-year (inter)national Master’s Degree in one of the above mentioned disciplines.

Pre-master's Track

Students with a Bachelor’s degree other than in Public Administration should have completed:

  • at least a minor in Public Administration and Organisation Science or should have chosen courses in the Bachelor’s Programme that are equivalent to the minor courses (For Dutch students, see the webpage on minors > Bestuurs- en Organisatiewetenschap Algemeen);
  • at least a basic introduction to research methods, including quantitative and qualitative methods of Public Administration and Policy and Organisation research, and they should be able to set up and carry out empirical research.