After admission

You will receive the decision of selection in June. If you are admitted, during the summer we will send you more information about your programme.

Once you have been (conditionally) admitted to a Master’s programme at Utrecht University, there are a number of matters to be seen to, such as:

Practical matters
International students will receive information from International Student Admissions on how to arrange the necessary practical matters (e.g., housing, a Dutch bank account, health care insurance, visa etc.).

Payment of your tuition fee
Dutch students can find more information here: Payment of the tuition fee (in Dutch). International students will receive information from International Student Admissions.

Uploading your passport photo
You will receive an Utrecht University Student ID card. For this card we ask you to upload your passport photo. You can do so as soon as you have received your university e-mail address.

Welcome and Orientation Programme
The orientation programme for this Master's programme consists of:

  • A general Orientation Day. organised by Utrecht University (for international students only).  Part of this programme consists of support and advice regarding practical matters, such as your registration with the city.
  •  A specific Master’s Orientation Programme organised by Utrecht University School of Governance. All new Master’s students are welcomed on this day. You will meet your fellow students and teaching staff. Staff and students of the programme will also organise an international excursion during the first week of your first year at Utrecht University.