If you want to delve deeply into the foundational texts and practices of Islam and learn how to interpret them by applying up-to-date research approaches, Utrecht University is the place for you.
Prof Dr Christian Lange


The programme has a duration of two years. Each year is divided into two semesters, which run from September to January and from February to June. A semester is divided into two study periods.

Year 1

  • Compulsory courses familiarise you with important theories and methods.
  • Academic specialisation: focusing on your interests you will choose from electives and tutorials.

Year 2

  • The first semester will be devoted to your stay at a university abroad, to a research internship, or to electives/tutorials.
  • Master’s thesis: during two study periods in the second year, you will complete your studies with a thesis. In this text, you will contribute your own independent research to a debate in the field of religious studies. To help prepare your thesis, you will also participate in a Thesis Lab.

Have a look at the study schedule (pdf) and read more about the courses.

Educational methods

  • lecture
  • seminar
  • group work
  • independent study
  • research internship (optional)

Examination methods

  • research papers
  • written assignments
  • oral presentations
  • Master’s thesis
Student poster sessions during Religious Studies symposium