• Luuk van Dijk, alumnus of the Master's in Regenerative Medicine and Technology

    Alumni Luuk van Dijk photographed in Utrecht Science Park

    "The reason I chose this Master’s programme is because the field of regenerative medicine really excited me – and it still does. In my position as a PhD student in this field I’m involved in many different aspects of biomedical research: I get to experience working in an academic hospital setting, in research laboratories, and in an emerging medical device company. Regenerative medicine and technology is a revolutionary and highly innovative field with a very ambitious goal: to cure patients by means of tissue regeneration, which I believe is the future of medicine.

    My PhD project is part of a cooperation between the UMCU – the department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery – and a local biotech company called Kuros Biosciences. My research involves the evaluation of advanced biomaterials as bone graft substitutes for surgery in maxillofacial areas, but also in orthopaedic surgery. My tasks range from in vitro experiments with human cells in the laboratory (culturing cells on biomaterials) to performing pre-clinical and even clinical studies. I am currently involved in a clinical study with these materials at the department of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery of the UMC Utrecht.

    Regenerative medicine is both a very broad and a very specialised subject. This Master’s programme did a very good job of teaching this complex subject matter. I gained an excellent overview of all the different aspects of regenerative medicine across the board, including biomaterials, tissue engineering, imaging modalities and more – without which I could not have gone on to pursue research in this field. The subject of my research fits precisely within the scope of regenerative medicine and in an area I find fascinating. The RMT Master’s programme made this career choice possible."