Career Prospects

The planning of the programme is tailored to the individual. The choices that are made during planning can be based on your personal career focus. The most popular choice is to become a scientist in tissue or organ regeneration. In this case, you can choose to perform a research internship in your minor project.

You can choose other profiles besides the research profile in your minor project, such as communication, education or management.

Possible prospects

Depending on your personal interests and skills, you can shape your career yourself. If you already know which would be your ideal career, you can discuss with the programme coordinator how best to prepare for your specific career path.

Academic Careers

If you choose to pursue an academic career, a logical step will be to start a PhD project after you obtain your Master’s degree. Our research projects during RMT will prepare you for science in the lab, but you will also be equipped to perform more translational research. After obtaining a PhD degree, you can choose to continue in academia or to continue your career elsewhere. Continuing in academia consists of doing post-doc work and becoming an assistant, associate, or full professor.

Professional careers

The most popular career choices of RMT alumni are listed below:

  • PhD student in the RM PhD programme in Utrecht: several alumni are currently pursuing a PhD degree in Utrecht in the field of Regenerative Medicine.
  • PhD student elsewhere: several alumni are following a PhD trajectory in their country of origin, in the lab that hosted them during the minor research project, or in yet another lab in the Netherlands or abroad.
  • At various biomedical companies: as a product expert, clinical trial assistant, junior scientist, trainee or associate consultant.