• A good mix between providing guidance and pushing independence


    The Utrecht University Public International Law LLM provides graduates with an opportunity to demonstrate their commitment, desire, and knowledge within a specialised and highly competitive field. I was drawn to Utrecht by the added benefit that within the LLM, students have the flexibility to follow their own course selection and thereby obtain the knowledge most useful for their future career aspirations. 

    Within the LLM I undertook the Track Oceans, the Environment and Sustainability. The environmental law course introduced a broad range of regulatory regimes through open group discussions and a passionate lecturer. The law of the sea course transformed the field, from one in which I had a minor interest, into the field of my continued studies. I owe my current work to the interest sparked during those law of the sea lectures, and the thorough groundwork knowledge they provided.

    For those wishing to pursue a career within academia, or thinking about undertaking a PhD, the LLM programme is a must. Students will develop not only their written communication skills through examination, but also oral skills through the moot court course and other presentation occasions. Of critical importance is the ability to enhance and demonstrate one’s independent research skills. This is of key interest to employers within the Public International Law sector. A good mix between providing guidance and pushing independence at Utrecht University allows students to produce strong and well-researched theses.

    Arron Honniball (The United Kingdom) 
    LLM Public International Law

  • The master’s programme provokes and stimulates your thirst for learning international law

    From the first year of law school, I have been interested in international law. Choosing to study at the Utrecht University was the most rational choice. Utrecht University offers a generous scholarship, has a good master’s programme in Public International Law and is close to the Hague, the dream city for any international lawyer.

    Having completed the LLM programme now, I can say that Utrecht did not disappoint me. I chose the Human Rights Track with modules on International Humanitarian Law and International and European Security Law. I loved the International Humanitarian Law classes in particular wherein lectures were delivered by professionals practicing in the field.

    I wrote my thesis on establishing the criminal liability of corporations before international criminal tribunals. I could not have researched on such a challenging topic without the guidance of my supervisors and the benefit of a well-equipped library. Overall the master’s programme provokes and stimulates your thirst for learning international law.

    Furthermore, I participated in the Clinical programme with the Public International Law and Policy Group (PILPG), a global pro bono law firm involved in things like war crimes prosecution and peace negotiations. Working with PILPG exposed me to the practical aspects of being an international lawyer, with my work involving researching various international law topics and working with clients.

    My experience at the Utrecht University has prepared me to take on the challenge of establishing a career in international law. The LLM programme has given me the confidence that this dream can become reality!

    Andrea Marilyn Pragashini Immanuel (India) 
    LLM Public International Law

  • The teaching staff is very accessible and point out possible internships, lectures and study trips

    Tom Diederen

    For those that are interested in this field of law, I strongly recommend the programme in Public International Law at Utrecht University. The lectures provide a strong basis of the theory of international law, but attention is also given to the actual practice of international law. The teaching staff is very accessible and point out possible internships, lectures, and study trips. Class sizes allow for lively discussion and active participation. All in all, the programme left me well prepared for my first internship and, thereafter, my first job.

    Tom Diederen (The Netherlands)
    LLM Public International Law
    Legal Officer, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Netherlands

  • I learned a lot in a relatively short amount of time

    Jonathan Herbach

    Having completed the LLM in Public International Law at Utrecht University, I can whole-heartedly recommend the programme. The class sizes are ideal for facilitating discussion and active participation. The compulsory modules provide a solid foundation to the programme. The professors were all very open and accommodating, and I established good personal relationships with a number of them – something that will hopefully prove invaluable for career networking! And because so many of the lecturers still practise professionally, they are able to teach you the theory and at the same time tell you about how it works in real life. Looking back, my time as a student in Utrecht was intense but extremely fulfilling, and I learned a lot in a relatively short amount of time.

    Jonathan Herbach (USA)
    LLM Public International Law