Urios Study Association

Urios is the Utrecht study association for International and European law. The association was founded in 1981 and has about 250 members, both Utrecht students and exchange students. The main goal of Urios is to introduce students to International and European law on a more practical level. The association organizes many activities and two symposia per year with great speakers. Every month there is a special activity such as a debate evening, a lecture or a visit to a place of special interest for law students. 

Every year Urios organizes two excursions abroad, one within Europe and one outside Europe. In the past members have been to places like Brussels, Geneva and New York. In the course of the year students will be informed about the destinations. Furthermore, Urios publishes its own journal on International and European Law, which is called, ‘Utrecht Journal for International and European Law’. This peer-reviewed online English periodical appears bi-annually. Upcoming events are announced in the newsletter, which appears monthly. More information about the activities you can find at the Urios Facebook page


The LLM’s Honours Programme

For highly motivated students Utrecht University’s School of Law offers an honours programme; The LLM’s Honours Programme:

  • Are you looking for extra academic depth and challenge during your LLM? 
  • Are personal and professional development key for you?
  • Do you want to establish professional contacts that contribute substantially to your learning process?
  • Are you looking to develop your professional lawyering and research skills in a legal clinic setting?

The Honours Programme is designed for excellent, motivated, and enthusiastic students who want to enrich their master’s studies. This is an Honours Programme pursued in addition to the regular master’s programme. It focuses on academic depth and opportunities for personal and professional development.Learn more about the LLM’s Honours Programme.

Young Innovators
Are you curious, entrepreneurial, intellectually versatile, socially responsible? Do you want to get more out of your Master’s programme, and learn to work across disciplinary boundaries to both research and actively (co-)create innovative initiatives that will make the world a slightly better place? Then the Young Innovators honoursprogramme (15 EC) might be of interest to you!

Three core areas of research and innovation
The programme will focus on exploring and designing innovations in three areas:
•    Sustainable innovations in health 
•    Sustainable innovations in the economy
•    Sustainable innovations in urban living

Think outside your discipline
These multifaceted themes demand the joint efforts of experts from the sciences and humanities alike. They require knowledge of energy, climate dynamics, food, technology, and health. But insights into the dynamics of societies, law and economics, languages and cultures, or history and philosophy are just as essential.

The issues transcend national and cultural borders. Therefore the programme aims at a substantial participation of international students and is taught in English. Learn more about the Young Innovators.