On 25 November we organised a live webinar about the Master’s programme in One Health. Our programme coordinator Esmeralda Krop provided you with detailed information about the Master's programme. One of our students shared personal experiences to give you an idea of what it's really like to study One Health.

What we covered

  • Insights into the programme, specialisation courses and research areas;
  • Aspects of online learning in a virtual learning environment;
  • Admission requirements and deadlines.

Watch the webinar

About the hosts
Portrait Esmeralda Krop

Esmeralda Krop

Esmeralda is working as the programme coordinator of the Master's One Health. She studied Medical Biology and focused on the development allergy in laboratory animal workers during her PhD at the University of Amsterdam. Since 2007 she is working at the Institute for Risk Assessment Science (IRAS) at Utrecht University. Next to coordinating the One Health programme, she is involved in research on different types of environmental/occupational exposure and the effect on human health.

Portrait Rea Tatem Dokter

Rea Tatem-Dokter

Rea is from the UK and is half Dutch, half British. She has a background in biomedical science. Having experienced life in a hospital, it became clear to her that research was the direction she  wanted to head in, with a specialist interest in zoonotic diseases and exotic animals.