Utrecht Data School

One of the ways in which you can add to your studies is to participate in a Utrecht Data School project, a new MA subprogramme that aims to build a bridge between education, theory, and practice.

At the Utrecht Data School (UDS), highly motivated students conduct explorative research over the course of 10 weeks on data provided by UDS clients. They experiment with different forms of analysis and visualisation techniques, and conduct qualitative analyses in order to place the data in relevant contexts for interpretation. Since its inception, the students of UDS have gained insights into the Occupy movement, Dutch politicians on Twitter, WikiLeaks, and "Project X" Haren.

How it works:

  1. Clients (Unicef, the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment, etc.) are introduced to talented students who can offer them a fresh and academic perspective on their research questions and data.
  2. In consultation with the companies, the UDS will discuss which research questions to pursue and what the desired results should be.
  3. The teams will then get to work, under close supervision, and participate in various workshops given by experts on data analysis and visualisation.
  4. After 10 weeks, the students present their research results to the clients at a mini-conference at Utrecht University.

Students thus acquire valuable experience and encounter organisations at which they may like to apply for an internship or job in the future. A win-win situation!

Young Innovators

Do you want to get more out of your study? Utrecht University offers the Young Innovators programme to creative and ambitious students who are keen to put their academic skills to work for the common good.

The programme is focused on learning to research, design and deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to real-life societal challenges. Supported by leading researchers from the university's strategic research theme of Institutions, the programme allows you to immerse yourself in the theory and practice of innovation across the corporate, public and community sectors.

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Graduate Honours Interdisciplinary Seminars

Are you an ambitious Master’s student looking for an intellectual challenge? Then apply to join our Graduate Honours Interdisciplinary Seminars!

This is a series of small-scale seminars, three to four meetings each, about the focus areas of research at Utrecht University. The topics will be diverse; ranging from global health issues and transition towards sustainability, to trends in youth culture and the philosophy of science. The seminars are hosted by distinguished researchers. Through close discussions with these researchers, you will get a better understanding of what it means to carry out interdisciplinary research, what obstacles researchers face, how to create a good research set-up and how to communicate about it with researchers from other disciplines as well as laymen.

The programme takes one year (7.5 ECTS). Would you like to know more about this programme? Read more about the Graduate Honours Interdisciplinary Seminars.

Are you looking for an extra challenge?