Educational and cultural institutions: As a graduate of NMDC you are well prepared to transfer your knowledge and skills in ways that connect with the expectations of many types of audiences in educational and cultural settings. Think of schools and universities, or public organisations that help advocate new media literacies.

Governmental institutions: You are well equipped to fill an advisory position in governmental institutions, to shape policies that make a difference in how our society gives its citizens the (digital) opportunities to act and have influence. The political ramifications of new media are often hidden in hardware and algorithms, but you will know how to bring them out in the open and make them subject of critical reflection.

Media & ICT industries: You may enter a career in the media, or in the information and communication technologies industries, as advisor, producer, developer, interface/software architect, festival organiser, presenter, designers engineer, etc.

My deeper understanding of new media gives me an edge and an advantage to a lot of my competition in the field and I believe it has put me in the spot I am right now.
Alumnus Ward Geene, New Media & Digital Culture

Professional careers

Around 80% of our graduates find a job within six months after graduation, mostly via the networks created during the research internship phase of the programme.

Some examples of careers of our alumni:

  • Lindsy Szilvasi works as a Legal Assistant Trademarks at Google.
  • Ward Geene is a Game Journalist /and Editor in Chief at IGN Benelux.

Other alumni found jobs as:

More graduates have found jobs at, amongst others:
Google | VPRO | PICNIC | Mindshare | Beeld & Geluid | Rathenau InstituteRabobank | Oxfam/Novib | Greenberry

For a detailed and up-to-date overview of our alumni and their professional careers, have a look at their LinkedIn profiles

Academic careers

The Master’s programme in New Media and Digital Culture does not specifically train you to become an academic scholar with a PhD degree. Even though some of our graduates have successfully pursued an academic career, we would recommend applying for the two-year Research Master’s programme in Media and Performance Studies if you are specifically interested in obtaining a PhD degree.