Career Prospects

Career outlook

A Master’s degree in Neuroscience and Cognition offers you many career prospects. Graduates continue on to universities and research institutes, teaching hospitals, and the pharmaceutical industry. They may hold policy and management positions in the science, industry, and healthcare sectors.

In general, graduates will find employment in/at:

  • Teaching hospitals (disease-oriented research)
  • Research institutes (fundamental research in the various areas of the neurosciences)
  • Pharmaceutical industry (research and development)
  • Science, industry, and healthcare sectors (policy and management positions, applied science and design)
  • Clinical settings (neuropsychologist, clinical physicist)

Possible prospects

Over the past years, 95% of all students in the Master's programme Neuroscience and Cognition were already employed before graduating. Of these, 25% were approached for a PhD project by one of the research institutes in Utrecht.

Graduates have many career opportunities, such as:

  • Researcher (as a PhD student) in one of the academic hospitals (disease-oriented research)
  • Researcher (as a PhD student) in a research institute, either national or international (fundamental research in the various areas of the neurosciences)
  • The pharmaceutical industry provides ample opportunities (research and development)
  • Policy and management functions in science, industry, and healthcare
  • Clinical settings (neuropsychologist, clinical physicist)