Extracurricular Opportunities

Master's Poster Fair
Poster Fair 2015

Master's Poster Fair

During the annual Master’s Poster Fair for our two-year Master's programmes, all first- and second-year students present their research via a poster to their lecturers and their fellow students. The topic of the posters differs per year:

  • At the end of the first year, the topic will be something you produced during the first year (for instance, a well-written assignment or study).
  • At the end of the second year, the topic will be your Master’s thesis.

Along with preparing their own posters, students will also give feedback on the posters of other students during the Poster Fair. Every year, there is one award winner.

In addition to the honour, the winner gets a certificate with a bouquet of flowers.

Best Student Award

Every year, the Best Student Award is awarded to the student who obtained the best results.

Summer School or Internship

In the elective, you can select a course from another Master’s programme, follow a relevant Summer School programme, undertake an internship within a team of researchers in a research institute, or acquire work experience in a professional context relevant to MERM students.

Are you a Young Innovator?

Utrecht University offers the Young Innovators programme to creative and ambitious students who are keen to put their academic skills to work for the common good. The programme is focused on learning to research, design and deliver innovative and sustainable solutions to real-life societal challenges.

Think outside of your discipline

These multifaceted challenges demand the joint efforts of experts from all sciences. In an multidisciplinary team of students and supported by leading researchers from the university's strategic research themes, you immerse yourself for a whole year in the theory and practice of innovation across the corporate, public and community sectors. The issues transcend national and cultural borders and is therefore taught in English.

Learn more about the Young Innovators.

Graduate Honours Interdisciplinary Seminars

Are you an ambitious Master’s student looking for an intellectual challenge? Then apply to join our Graduate Honours Interdisciplinary Seminars!

This is a series of small-scale seminars, three to four meetings each, about the focus areas of research at Utrecht University. The topics will be diverse; ranging from global health issues and transition towards sustainability, to trends in youth culture and the philosophy of science. The seminars are hosted by distinguished researchers. Through close discussions with these researchers, you will get a better understanding of what it means to carry out interdisciplinary research, what obstacles researchers face, how to create a good research set-up and how to communicate about it with researchers from other disciplines as well as laymen.

The programme takes one year (7.5 EC). Would you like to know more? Read about the Graduate Honours Interdisciplinary Seminars.