• Inbal Shofty, alumna Methodology and Statistics

    While I earned my undergraduate degree in behavioural sciences,  the courses that I thrived in and found the most interesting were the courses in Statistics. I especially enjoyed using statistics while conducting research in cognitive psychology.

    I like the fact that it's a small programme and that we have a very comfortable learning environment that is conducive to learning from one another. I found the lectures and assignments very interesting, and feel that they are related to real life problems and not just theoretical. I’ve gained knowledge in different fields of statistics, which I feel is a great benefit for prospective careers.

  • Oğuzhan Öğreden, alumna Methodology and Statistics

    The fact that we get to interact with and learn from people who produce considerably good work in three main research areas (psychological research, psychometrics and biostatistics) is very key. We are offered material that relates to a wide variety of fields and when it is possible we are pushed to formulate solutions and reason on our own as practitioners, later to realize our mistakes and learn how we made those mistakes. I think this experience made me a better follower of the ‘first principle’ of Richard Feynman: “[…] you must not fool yourself — and you are the easiest person to fool.” and I think this is especially important in this field.

  • Irene Torrubia, alumna Methodology and Statistics

    This Master is positioned as one of the top-ten best Masters in the Netherlands and in addition, the professors in the Methodology and Statistics department are experts in their respective fields. It really is a great chance to learn from the best!

    For me, being in a class with talented, ambitious and motivated people is the perfect setting for making the best out of every lecture, also taking into account that lessons are given in small groups. This results in well-qualified graduates. After finishing the programme I would like to focus my career on research. All the knowledge I acquire in this programme makes me feel confident to perform in a high level in a PhD position.