Career Prospects

Medical Imaging prepares for a career in research, either at our own PhD programme Medical Imaging or at other institutes in the Netherlands or abroad. Alternatively, students leaving after obtaining their MSc degree will profit from a solid education in imaging physics and image analysis for a career in industry.

Possible prospects

Depending on your personal interests and skills, you can shape your career yourself. If you already know which would be your ideal career, you can discuss with the Programme Coordinator how best to prepare for your specific career path.

Academic careers

If you choose to pursue an academic career, a logical step will be to start a PhD project after you obtain your Master’s degree. Your research projects during Medical Imaging will prepare you for PhD positions in the field of imaging physics and image analysis. After obtaining a PhD degree, you can choose to continue in academia or to continue your career in the clinic or industry. Continuing in academia consists of doing post-doc work and becoming an assistant, associate or full professor.

Professional careers

There are no graduates of Medical Imaging yet because the programme started in 2017. Below examples of realistic career opportunities are given:

  • PhD student in the PhD programme Medical Imaging in Utrecht. Of course, it is also possible to continue your career anywhere in the world.
  • Junior scientist in the medical devices industry or biomedical imaging industry
  • R&D professional in medical industry
  • Consultant in industry or for governmental organisations

Depending on the career perspectives that appeal to you most, you can decide to replace your Minor Research Project with one of our professional profiles:

  • Applied Data Science profile
  • Bioinformatics profile
  • Communication profile 
  • Education profile
  • Complex systems profiles
  • Management profile
  • Research profile