Career Prospects

Currently, I am looking at many vacancies at various organisations: PhDs, but also jobs at broadcasting agencies, film festivals, museums. I am sure that within all these organisations I can use my research skills that I have developed in this programme
Zowie Vermeire

This English-language programme prepares you for PhD studies in the Netherlands or abroad. After graduation you will also be qualified for positions in academic or research institutes or cultural organisations requiring specific academic skills in media, art and performance studies at Master's level. The programme can also be an excellent starting point for a career in cultural policy and consultancy in the media sector or art world. 

Academic careers

Alumni of the Media, Art and Performance Studies research Master’s have been successful in obtaining PhD positions in various prestigious international programmes at, for example, the University of Rochester, the University of Hong Kong, London School of Economics, and the University of Leeds, as well as at Maastricht University, Erasmus University Rotterdam, and Utrecht University.

Professional careers

Graduates also find their way to other job markets. For example, an alumnus of the programme now works as a researcher on issues in media history in the Dutch television industry. Another one has been recruited by the Dutch Ministry of Culture and Education and a third is cross-media researcher at the Hogeschool van Amsterdam. Others work successfully in the domain of media consultancy.

Students that graduated from this programme have soon found jobs as, for example:

  • Policy advisor at the Legal and Policy Department of the European Broadcasting Union (EBU)
  • European Affairs Advisor for the Italian public service broadcaster RAI
  • Commissioned writer of a biography on Jan de Vaal, for the Joris Ivens Stichting
  • Communications Officer at Cost Office
  • Dramaturge in Dutch theatre
  • IT Business Analyst bij Glencore Grain BV
  • Coördinator, Circuit X, production Moving Meetings Theatre at Vti, Belgium
  • Programme Researcher with Andere Tijden (NTR); image researcher with Grote Geschiedenis Quiz (NTR)
  • Relations Manager at (in Dutch)
PhD Ceremony