Career Prospects

After graduation

Graduates generally have no problem finding employment because mathematics plays an important role in many aspects of society. You can pursue a career in science by enrolling in a PhD research programme or by working for a research laboratory. The professional workplace also offers a wide range of job opportunities. A few examples of jobs held by recent graduates from Mathematical Sciences include:

  • PhD student
  • Researcher for Statistics Netherlands (CBS)
  • Researcher in industry
  • Business consultant
  • Data analyst

Possible Prospects

Academic careers

About 50 % of all graduates choose to complete a PhD programme.

Professional careers 

A Master's degree in Mathematical Sciences opens up a broad range of career opportunities outside the world of academia. Professional careers of some graduates include:

  • Process simulation engineer at CFTC
  • Logisticians at KLM
  • Data analyst at RABOBANK and MARKTPLAATS
  • Researcher at the National Aerospace Laboratory (NLR)
  • Market maker at EY

International students

Learning Dutch

If you want to find a job or internship in the Netherlands, knowing Dutch will get you places. Even if you work within an international organisation, knowing at least some Dutch is always a benefit and in some cases even a requirement. In order to learn Dutch, free language websites such as or can get you started or take a look at the Dutch courses offered by Babel. As a student from Utrecht University you receive a 25% discount on their course offerings.

After graduation

If you want to stay in the Netherlands after your graduation, you can apply for the ‘residence permit orientation year’. This permit can be submitted within 3 years after completing your studies and allows you unlimited working rights (hence: a work permit –TWV- is not required). For an overview of the conditions that apply for this permit, please visit the IND website.